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Do you have a dream? It’s time to break through your resistance, start your project and get those words on paper. In this FREE webinar we will explore how to begin, stay focused and how to get published.

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This is a supportive, educational and inspiring webinar for psychotherapists, educators, business people and professionals who want to write a book or an article or an eBook. Do you have a writing project; a blog, an article, a book, a screenplay or a story that you want to start, complete or publish? This course will give you the information to create, continue and give birth to your dreams.

I am working on a new book today that I am excited about. But, I will tell you a secret about that book…it is hard to find the time to write. If you have doubts, time management issues, or writers block, I can help, because I have been there.

And I overcome the problems using techniques I have developed over the years. I will share these tips with you. And that’s only the beginning. I have many ideas, connections and cutting edge ways for you to get your ideas out into the world.

In this FREE webinar we will talk about how to focus on your idea, how to break through your writers block and how to get your ideas into the world. What does the publishing world look like today? Should you get an agent and a traditional publisher or self publish? Should you publish a eBook or hardcover? We will explore these questions and more, but you have to sign up to be on the webinar.

This webinar is FREE January 22nd, so register now! If you can’t attend LIVE this course will be recorded. You can call in or join us online. But you must pre-register for this class. ATTENDANCE is limited.

This webinar is WEEK ONE of an 8 Week Course, see more at: Writing and Publishing for Professionals

Sign up now for the FREE Webinar on Writing and Publishing, and learn what it takes to write a Query letter, a Book Proposal, Build your Social Media Platform, and open your creative Flow. Get clear on what you want to write, sharpen your expert niche, and find your unique voice.

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