Can Sexual Healing Change the World?

As therapists, our primary ethical guideline is do no harm. Our second is to honor our clients’ autonomy and freedom of choice. As healers, this becomes most important when working with clients around sexuality and sexual expression. Sex positivity is … Read More

Healing the heart through intimacy

There is more to healing and being whole than showing up in therapy once a week or taking a medication for your depression. I know, I may be putting myself out of business when I say that. A therapist depends … Read More

Free Teleclass: How to Boost Your Business

Follow Your Passion, Create Success and Find Your Mission in the World March 18, 2015 2 – 3 pm EST Cost: Free! Register now!Do you have a private practice and want to expand into products or passive income streams? Do … Read More

Grow your small business, transform your life

Final days to save on registration for Grow Your Small Business And Be A Successful Entrepreneur! If you register before Friday March 13th, you’ll save $50! Grow Your Small Business is a three-part teleclass by entrepreneurs Dr. Tammy Nelson, Wendy … Read More

Does fighting 24/7 mean your marriage is over?

There is nothing worse than coming home after a long day at work, only to immediately be pulled into a fight with your spouse over something that is so mundane—What’s even worse is when you don’t know why you’re fighting … Read More

Upcoming Event: Flash Forum on Couples Therapy

I’m very excited to be one of the presenters in Advances and Challenges in Couples Therapy Today, one of the Flash Forums at this year’s Psychotherapy Networker Symposium. Inspired by the TED Talks, the Flash Forums were designed as an … Read More

Imago Think Tank: Wedding Planning is Therapy

Many of you know that I regularly host the Imago Think Tank, interviewing therapists, authors, and innovators in couples therapy. Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Mark O’Connell L.C.S.W., author of Modern Brides & Modern Grooms: A Guide to … Read More

Key to happy marriage: financial freedom

The number one reason couples fight is money. Nobody wants to let arguments over household finances destroy an otherwise healthy relationship. But how do we keep money from tearing us apart? I love James Van Praagh’s approach to financial freedom: … Read More

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