Healing the heart through intimacy

There is more to healing and being whole than showing up in therapy once a week or taking a medication for your depression. I know, I may be putting myself out of business when I say that. A therapist depends on patients who depend on therapy. But I look at healing as a broader mission, one that the individual is responsible for achieving. I am only a small part of a greater puzzle. And I am honored to be in the space of healing in my office. Yet I acknowledge that there are more things happening in the healing process that I am aware of, or that I can control.

Sufi’s believe that there are four layers to your heart. And in these layers you can be connected to others, and you can be hurt or you can heal. Our self awareness of these layers may be creating true intimacy with a partner or they may remain unaware of the true nature of our heart, and we may not even know we are hiding our true selves from others.

Resolving conflict, creating intimacy, and letting someone else into our deepest selves means opening our hearts, and this can be frightening and fulfilling at the same time. I hope to create a heightened awareness of the possibilities for couples, to allow healing, and let in more light into the dark spaces of the heart.

Sufism and the layers of the heart: a sufi’s perspective on relationships

Interested in learning more about how spirituality, mindfulness, and altered states can integrate with couples therapy? D’Arcy Swanson and I will be presenting a 2-hour workshop at the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology’s annual conference May 28-31 focusing on creating intimacy and resolving conflict for couples that struggle with communication impasses, conflict, sexual issues and/or infidelity. Prioritizing heightened consciousness and energy awareness by tantric, shamanic, and modern therapeutic approaches allows clients to create a more expansive, fulfilling relationship.

Register for ACEP 2015 Conference here: www.energypsych.org

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