Discount Code for The Changing Face of Marriage

I recently sat down with Rich Simon, Editor of the Psychotherapy Networker, to talk about how to help couples understand, define, and negotiate the personal boundaries of fidelity and betrayal. The interview is part of their new Webcast series: The … Read More

Technology is changing how you go to the doctor

Would you be willing to visit your doctor by calling them up on your webcam? It’s a growing trend as more people gain access to computers and smart phones capable of video conferencing. Telemedicine could save patients a lot of … Read More

The Changing Face of Marriage

Ready to bridge the gap between traditional ideas about marriage, commitment, sexuality, and the realities of how couples live today? You can. Explore the cultural, economic, and demographic forces shaping contemporary relationships in an all-new 6-session Webcast series from Psychotherapy … Read More

65 writers share their secrets to productivity

Jane Cui interviewed 65 of some of the most popular writers and marketers on the internet on how they stay productive. Many of these over achievers are inspiring and some are downright perfectionists. Some just make me feel inadequate. But … Read More

Health Activist Award on WEGO Health

I’ve been nominated for a Health Activist Award on WEGO Health! I would greatly appreciate it if everyone would go to and endorse me. I am an advocate for global relationship healing. We need to start with our primary relationships … Read More

Biofeedback with couples

After interviewing Dr Bessel Van der Kolk on the Imago Think tank about the release of his new book, The Body Keeps the Score, I am interested in biofeedback and how it might work with couples. Bessel’s groundbreaking work with … Read More

Anger impacts clients and therapists

Narcissism in a partner can create emotional and behavioral patterns in a couple. Wendy Behary, the author of Disarming the Narcissist is an expert in treating the defenses and creating leverage to avoid power struggles in the treatment of couples … Read More

I’m going to Paris!

I’ve been invited to teach Sex, Desire and The New Monogamy, a training for therapists in Paris France this February 2015. The workshop will be in English with a French translator. Participants will learn skills to help couples with erotic … Read More

Treating Out of Control Sexual Behavior

I’m excited to share that sex therapist Dr. Neil Cannon will be joining me for a teleclass for clinicians focused on Out of Control Sexual Behavior (OCSB). This is a gentle, non-shaming approach to help clients feel empowered and in … Read More

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