Now Offering Expanding Your Business Consulting Sessions

Do you want to expand or grow your private practice or small business?
Find out how the most successful entrepreneurs are doing it. Find your expertise, learn the skills to market yourself, and create a strategy for success.  Are you trying to sell a book, find an agent, or expand your private practice?  Do you want to reach more people with your healing skills?
I am fascinated by your ideas. I want to hear what are you working on: What is your mission? What do you want to expand?

Please take a moment and ask yourself these three short questions:

Number One:  What is the biggest problem you face right now in your work?
Number Two:  What do you need help with in developing your business?
Number Three:  What do you appreciate about your work now?

Why do I ask you these questions?  It helps me to know what I can do to help you in your work.

I may have some ideas about how I can expand and personalize your business or private practice and how I can help you be a successful entrepreneur. Let me help you create a plan to fit your needs. In a series of sessions, I can help you Boost Your Business and Love What You Do.

Interested? You have options:

1. One 90 minute session.
2. Four sessions, 90 minutes each.
3. Ten sessions; Four at 90 minutes, Six at 60 minutes each.
4. One four hour in person session.

All sessions can be over Phone, Webinar or Zoom.

PAYMENT plans are available or save 10% when you pay for five or ten sessions right now.

For more information including rates, contact me directly.

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