Yesterday in Amsterdam….

I really like saying that.  Yesterday in Amsterdam….and yes, I was in Amsterdam yesterday.  It was a cold, rainy day.  I was walking with my husband through the streets and we were looking for a warm restaraunt.  And we were talking about my interview the night before with Xaviera Hollander. 

Xaviera Hollander, for those of you who might not recall, is the famous Happy Hooker.  She lives in Amsterdam now and we stayed at her B&B.  What a great way to experience one of the world’s sexiest city.  And for a sexologist like me, staying with Xaviera was like getting another PhD.   I learned more in a few days about what sex means for women then I think I ever knew.

What I mean by that is that The Happy Hooker is 68 years old.  I read the book (published in 1972) when I was 14, I found it on my mother’s book shelf.   It was about a very sophisticated sexually alive woman.

Today Xaviera is a sophisticated, very alive woman, who is also a fiery business savy – dare I say – pistol.  She has more energy then most of us combined – and there is no one I would rather interview on a rainy day in Amsterdam.

Watch for my video interview with the Happy Hooker, coming soon.  Learn more about how this madam became the woman she is today – and how sex and power and being a woman is really all the same thing.


Dr Tammy Nelson


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