Why a couples retreat?

Why go on a couples retreat?

For the same reason you would take a workshop.  A weekend away to focus on your relationship, whether it is in town or far away, is a journey into intimacy and a more connected partnership.  You can work through trauma; betrayal, hurt, anger, abandonment, fear.  And you can re-connect after times of distance and neglect.  Maybe you miss each other.  The early days of your relationship are sometimes the most rewarding.  Yet later in life you can feel the ultimate reward by having a conscious relationship that crosses into a more mature and deeper love – a real partnership.

And maybe a weekend isnt enough.  Maybe you want to go to a destination that is totally different than your every day life.  Someplace tropical, where you can forget your worries and your responsibilities and just focus on each other.  Building trust and creating safety sometimes feels easier on the beach and in the tropical air.

Either way, there are options.  I have a weekend retreat in Connecticut October 2-3rd.  Get the Love You Want, working with the Imago relationship therapy techniques developed by Harville Hendrix.  This workshop really changes your relationship, and can change your life.

Or for those seeking more adventure and maybe a great vacation at the same time, I have a week long retreat for couples in Mexico March 12 to 19th, focused on getting the love AND the sex you want. 

To register for both or one of these workshops or to find out more info, click on the EVENTS page or email for more details.





Tammy Nelson, PhD

Certified Imago workshop presenter

Board Certified Sexologist

Author of “Getting the Sex You Want”

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