Tammy was on Nerdist’s Sex Nerd Sandra podcast!

I had no idea how popular the podcast world has become! After my recent podcast with Sex Nerd Sandra, I received hundreds of emails with some great comments from listeners. Things like “You blew my mind!” and “I was texting my boyfriend the whole time I was listening, telling him we have got to buy Dr. Tammy’s book!” and “Thank you for saving my marriage. We love your ideas and talked through the night after listening to your outstanding interview with Sex Nerd Sandra.”

I had a wonderful time chatting with the amazing and charming Sandra about intentional monogamy, especially after infidelity. If you had a chance to listed to the podcast with Sandra, you know how great she is and what a fun time we had. If not, come join us.

To hear the podcast, listen to it at Nerdist.com: SEX NERD SANDRA #189: THE NEW MONOGAMY WITH DR. TAMMY NELSON!

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