Is Your Sex Life Normal?

Most couples and individuals who comes into sex therapist Tammy Nelson’s office want to know the same thing: Is my sex life with my partner normal? 
“They want to know if they are having enough sex, the right kind of sex, if their partner wants too much sex,” Nelson, a sexologist and the author of The New Monogamy, said. “Sometimes, they’re worried that they should be doing something totally different in bed.”
In response, Nelson usually tells people the same thing.
“Forget about ‘normal.’ ‘Normal’ is a setting on the washing machine, nothing more. What’s most important is that you learn to have empathy for your partner and accept whatever their needs might be, even if they are different than your own,” she explained.
Below, Nelson and other sex therapists share the advice they give couples concerned about their sex lives (or lack thereof).
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    yes, My relationship and Sex life both are going well. 🙂

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