Is sexting infidelity?

Ex- Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) gave up a promising political career after his sexual scandal broke and he couldn’t stop sexting his weiner photos.

We have all made jokes about this, myself included.

Today, Huma Abedin, Clinton’s top aide, said she has taken enough, and she is ending their marriage.

Weiner apparently sent lurid tweets and photos of his crotch to yet another woman and reportedly one of the photos was of him in bed, with his sleeping young son in the background. That was the last straw for Huma.

The woman who Weiner was sexting this time allegedly ratted him out to the Post. (Was she worried about the son or was she into the publicity or was she truly disturbed by his texts? Not clear.)

It is somewhat disturbing that he has continued this behavior, regardless of the consequences. But what exactly is going on here? Is he cheating? Is he a ‘sex addict”? Or is sexting another woman considered an affair?

This morning, NBC released a statement that Abedin was announcing her separation from Weiner, which was probably a good publicity move on her part, particularly if she wants to continue to work with Clinton and follow her to the White House.

But perhaps the larger story is not one about sexting, or sex, or the Weiners, but about the crisis of infidelity in this country. Up to 60% of spouses will cheat at some point in their marriage, according to studies. But what does cheating actually mean? To read my expert advice on the subject, see the full article. 

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