The Modern Family: Platonic Parenting

Family against dark sunsetLast year, following Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s announcement of their separation, I penned an article for HuffingtonPost about Conscious Uncoupling. The topic was hot in the media and with relationship experts for a few months until something new came along. Intentional or conscious uncoupling is a wonderful approach for couples looking to separate their lives after a period of companionship while still considering the well-being of all involved.

Some families have been trying a different approach for many years: platonic parenting.

Many couples seek couples therapy trying to reawaken the loving, sexual connection they once shared. For a few, they may be trying to discover a new way of relating to each other with love after years of struggling with sexual incompatibilities. They may remain happy as companions and desire to remain happily married, caring for their children while letting go of the sexual and romantic connection between them.

Newly platonic parents need to negotiate their new monogamy agreement to include housing and financial arrangements, how each person will get their sexual needs met, and how much will the kids know about their relationships.

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