Loving Someone Who Is Transgender

Last week, Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce Jenner, came out with her new docudrama, I Am Cait. It follows her journey through her transition as male to female, and as the public watches her emotionally fueled family dynamics with the Kardashian clan, we get to see some of the very real issues that come up for many people who struggle with these problems.

Caitlyn seems lucky to have a supportive family. In the show, Caitlyn has her mother as a guest, and she is supportive, but says she has to remember to call her son, who is now her daughter, Caitlyn, instead of Bruce. Her stepdaughter Kylie and stepson Rob were also on board and told Caitlyn she looked attractive. Her son in law, Kanye West, also appeared supportive on the show and told Caitlyn he thought it was great that she was being her true self, even under all the media pressure, and especially under the harsh glow of the media spotlight. I Am Cait premiered on July 26 on E! and can be seen here.

Caitlyn Jenner is trying to give a voice to the role of transgender women in America, where there has been a lack of role modeling and a real void of information for the general public on what it is, what it looks like and the prejudice that trans people face in their every day lives. Yet with Caitlyn’s fame and her fortune, as well as her supportive family, she may be the exception to the rule. Caitlyn has been able to afford surgery, hormone treatment and an expensive wardrobe — something many people cannot do as they transition from one gender to another.

In this latest post in my series for HuffingtonPost on “Being Trans and the People Who Love Them,” I interviewed Anna Baxter M.A., a Relationship and Gender Counselor practicing in Roswell, Georgia. Anna is a Licensed Associate Professional Counselor and is the founder of Love Positive Counseling, where she works with men, women, transgender people, both adult and adolescents, and all forms of LGBTQ partners and singles, to help them transition and work within the confines of a society that is only now opening up a conversation around trans identity and its meaning.

Anna is also in a partnered relationship with a transgender person, although they don’t live together, they are in a romantic partnership with all of the challenges that loving a trans man can bring.

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