New research show sexting is good for your relationship

In the media we often hear horror stories of celebrities’ or politician’s nude photos or sexy text conversations being leaked to the public. We’ve even seen “normal” people with regular lives lose their lobs over explicit digital communication.

But is it really so terrible to rev up sexual desire with a little sexting? Researchers at Drexel University weren’t so convinced and set out to find out what the risks and benefits of texting are for adults.

It turns out, there’s far more benefits for relationships and libidos than there are risks. “According to the study, the more you sext, the better your sex life and the more satisfied you are in your relationship.” (Alexia Lafata, What Are You Wearing? Science Wants You To Sext Your Damn Heart Out)

For the singles, sexting only led to low sexual satisfaction. The higher the commitment levels in the relationship, the greater the relationship satisfaction as a result of sexting.   And, if sexting was more carefree and an expected part of the relationship, it enhanced the fun. Read more of my thoughts on the topic in my latest article for YourTango: Sexting Could Be Good For Your Relationship.

Lori Liebovich, host of The Labor of Love podcast, invited me to participate in a conversation with other experts about the pros and cons of sexting and how it can fit into a healthy relationship. The podcast episode is available online here.

Next time you are in bed together with each of you on your separate telephones, send them a sexy text.  Ask them what they are wearing. Tell them what you have on, even if you have to exaggerate a little.  Use the phone to heat up your sex life, instead of making it the one thing that creates a wedge between you.

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