The Integrative Sex Therapy Institute (ISTI) is on the leading edge of modern psychotherapy with our brand new coursework leading to the Certified Sex & Couples Therapist certification. The Certified Sex and Couples Therapy (CSCT) curriculum provides forward-looking training that addresses the emerging field of integrative relational psychotherapy.

What is CSCT?

The Certified Sex and Couples Therapy (CSCT) curriculum provides cutting edge training in sex therapy, so that the student can become a practitioner with a proficient level of expertise to offer a complete integrative perspective to their clients.

In the respective fields of couple’s therapy and sex therapy, the average clinician may have had little if any training in both fields and none in alternative treatments, thereby creating a void in the available interventions and directives in their clinical toolbox. Even those trained in each area separately are seeking a means to unify their skill set. Given the relational nature of these disciplines, it is imperative for the contemporary practitioner to bring a proficient level of expertise that offers a complete integrative perspective to their clients.

The CSCT program accomplishes this by assuring the mastery of well-established couples therapy techniques along with traditional sex therapy practices and then adds uniquely designed integrative courses. Upon completing this next phase of evolutionary training, clinicians and counselors will obtain the Certified Sex and Couples Therapist (CSCT) designation.

Benefits of earning your CSCT:

How is Certified Sex and Couples Therapist (CSCT) by ISTI different than CST by AASECT?

The future of this field demands that clinical professionals integrate both sex therapy and relationship counseling in order to keep up with the challenges of contemporary practice. Integrative Sex and Couples Therapy is a new field of learning for all therapists that builds on sex therapy and relationship therapy and adds a third area: alternative forms of treatment that are designed specifically to meet the contemporary needs of today’s clients.

What are the learning standards for CSCT?

AASECT uses Core Knowledge Areas (CKAs) and for ISTI we use three main categories of knowledge to insure that your coursework provides the best education available. At ISTI your coursework will include Sexual Therapy, Couples Counseling and Integrative Therapy. You can find a detailed explanation of the standards here.