This challenging and proven track to certification will develop your skills in order to work in an integrative way using both sex therapy and couples therapy to help clients — a mandatory step as a contemporary clinician in the complicated world of psychotherapy.

What are the requirements?

Select items below to view our available courses that fulfill the requirements for certification.

ISTI Certified Sex and Couples Therapist (CSCT) Requirements

Total Hours: 109
Sex Ed
Category 1 Sex Therapy 50
Category 2 Couples Therapy 30  *considered part of Sex Therapy requirement
Category 3 Integrative Therapy 15
SAR 14
In-Person Hours: 75
eLearn Hours: 30
Supervision Hours:
Consultation 90 minutes
Supervision 10 hours (w/ CST)

50 hours (w/o CST)

Individually selected items determine cost of earning CSCT. No additional program fee required.

Please contact us with specific questions or needs for Categories.

Where do I go from here?

The pathway to earn your Certified Sex Therapist (CST) through AASECT is outlined on the AASECT website or via Track 2 through ISTI. Please check the AASECT website for updated info.

For more information on classes ISTI offers that can help you reach certification, please search this website for any specific requirement, check on the requirements page, look up Track 2 – CST.

Tammy is a provider for AASECT CEs and through eLearn and In-Person courses you are able to complete your work toward the AASECT certification.

Study Tracks

TRACK 1 – Certified Sex and Couples Therapist (CSCT) ► ​109 Clock hours**: 50 Sex Therapy*** + 30 Couples Therapy + 15 Integrative Therapy + 14 SAR

TRACK 2 – AASECT Sex Therapist ► ​164 Clock hours: 90 Sex Education + 60 Sex Therapy*** + 14 SAR

​TRACK 3 – Dual AASECT Sex Therapist* and CSCT ► ​209 Clock hours**: 164 Sex Therapist (including SAR) + 30 Couples Therapy + 15 Integrative Therapy

**A required 90 minute consult is performed at completion of all courses and is included in the program.
***Includes 16 hours of Couples Counseling Training. This requirement can be completed in the program or in an approved program for transfer.