Coursework through the Integrative Sex Therapy Institute focuses on a balanced blend of three main categories of  study. You must complete hours in each category to be considered for the Certified Sex Couples Therapist (CSCT) designation.


Information on the pathways to CSCT certification is available here.

    Category 1 – Sexual Therapy; Healing the Sexual Space

        • A – Foundations of Sex Therapy
        • B – Ethics and Business of therapy
        • C – Sexual Function and Intervention
        • D – Sexual Communication

    Category 2 – Couples Counseling; Relating in Relationship

        • A Fundamentals of Couples therapy
        • B Relationship Structures
        • C Reflective Dialogue
        • D Healing in the Relational Space

    Category 3 – Integrative Therapy; Alternative Interventions

        • A Relationship agreements
        • B Visions for the future
        • C Integrative therapies
        • D Alternative treatments