Exercise: Sex Date

Make a date with your partner for sex. Four days prior to the date, use small acts to create anticipation for the big night. For example, show your partner physical affection at least three times the first day. Attempt to connect on the second day by whispering in your partner’s ear the things you want to do to him or her on your sex date. On the third day, bring home a surprise. This can be something like a card or small token gift. The surprise might be something you can use on your sex date.

The fourth day is the big day, so create an atmosphere in the bedroom that will remind both of you that this is a sacred, erotic space for you to play safely in together. Light candles, put fresh flowers by the bed, put soft sheets and blankets on the bed. Make an extra effort to pick out music your partner will like. 

When the big night comes, keep your expectations open and reasonable.  If the evening goes well, then great. If it doesn’t live up to your expectations, remember that this night can be anything that works for you and makes you feel connected to your partner. Massage, communication, and sharing fantasies using the Imago dialogue can make this an important night of sensual pleasures.

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