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Revisiting Parenting & Transgender Youth

(Editor’s Note: This post contains updated information related to Resources for Parenting Transgender Kids from May 13, 2016.)

Transgender issues continue to rise to prominence in the media, news, and politics. While some celebrities take problematic stances on trans rights, we have also seen greater representation of transgender people in mainstream media thanks in part to social media. Sites like YouTube and apps like Tik-Tok are full of transgender people of all ages and backgrounds sharing their experiences.

I felt like it was time I revisited my blog post from May 2016 when I introduced Resources for Parenting Transgender Kids. Yes, our kids have more ways to connect with transgender peers than ever before. However, these connections between transgender youth do not make understanding their needs any less challenging for parents. As our children become braver and express their true selves we must be prepared to love, support, and protect them.

So, what do you do if your child is questioning their gender identity or comes out as transgender? What resources can you offer your children when their friends come out as transgender to help them be understanding and supportive? What does it mean to be transgender?

Resources for Parents

Below are some good places to start if you want to learn more about what it is to be a transgender person and learn the language to discuss this with your children.

These are some of the best resources I have found for educating myself about transgender issues. Parenting transgender children has one important thing in common with parenting every child – they need our love and support.

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