Examining the Female Affair as a Search for Self

Even though our ideas about sex and sexuality have greatly advanced over the last half-century, our culture still holds a double standard about infidelity. While no one is entirely surprised by the behavior of a Bill Clinton, an Elliot Spitzer, … Read More

AASECT 2016 in Puerto Rico- Photos

I had a great time at the annual AASECT conference in Puerto Rico. I wanted to share some of the photos I took at this wonderful event.                   Wendy Haggerty and Tammy … Read More

Alicia Keys’ No Makeup Movement

After releasing a moving letter on Lenny, Alicia Keys has begun a #NoMakeup Movement. There are stunning images of her appearances at recent concerts and events without makeup, and the response has been amazing. Obviously this position is resonating with … Read More

Women May Have Sexual Fluidity Due to Evolution

It’s definitely more socially acceptable for women to have same sex encounters than men. But recent studies suggest there may also be evolutionary reasons for this difference. The findings revealed when it came to sexuality, women were more fluid in … Read More

We Need Comprehensive Sex Ed

Access to comprehensive sex education for America’s youth may be a long way off. This article explains why, as well as why it’s so important we have consistent, comprehensive sex ed in schools. As it stands today, only 23 states … Read More

Marriage “Rules” You Can Ignore

Most newly weds get a lot of advice from family and friends, and not all of it is good. You can see all seven expert tips at the full article on Huffington Post and my advice on one marriage taboo … Read More

Conversion Therapies Don’t Work

It’s not new news that there’s a battle being fought for patients rights, particularly for LGBTQ individuals. I’ve written about the dangers of conversion therapies before. With the recent legislative action in Mississippi and Tennessee, and with more states currently … Read More

Conversations Married Men Dread

What conversations do men wish they could avoid having with their spouses? In this article on Huffington Post professionals share the conversations that most impact their clients’ relationships, along with suggestions for how to communicate in order to connect in … Read More

11 Relationship Problems to Look out for

Sometimes marital problems come out in big events like infidelity. Often, though, it’s the little daily things that are cause for concern. In this article on Huffington Post 11 experts share their advice on what warning signs to look for … Read More

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