Signs an Open Marriage Is Not For You

Want an open relationship? Check out why it might not work for you and your partner – for now. An open marriage is not a “free pass” to cheat on your Partner. Saying you are in an open relationship doesn’t … Read More

Tips for Opening Your Marriage

If you’ve been considering an open marriage the thought of talking to your spouse about it might feel daunting. You might be afraid to bring it up, or perhaps you have talked about it at length and you both agree … Read More

Gender Bias is Everywhere, Even Kids’ Clothing.

This video highlights a disturbing trend, but it’s nothing new. Toddler and teen pageants, and the damage they can cause for participants have been in the news for years. Outside of the limelight, kids’ clothing companies have been making everyday … Read More

Listen to my interview on Businesses in Bloom

I was featured on Business in Bloom, talking to Juliet Austin about what I have done to start my own business, about being an entrepreneur and what it takes to make a private practice a successful working money making venture. … Read More

What Do You Choose to Work For?

This is a beautiful article on finding what makes you happy. In order to be successful, to pursue our passions and to live a full, active life we must be willing to endure pain. Success at anything comes through hard … Read More

How Serious Are Unequal Sex Drives?

Often when the new-ness of a relationship wears off one partner will desire sex far less or far more than the other. This can feel like an insurmountable problem, but in fact it’s natural for people to have different libidos. … Read More

Ghosting- What is it and Why is it So Painful?

“Ghosting” is a term for the phenomenon of suddenly ceasing total communication in a relationship. The party doing the ghosting seems just to vanish into thin air, leaving the other person wondering what they did wrong. This Vogue article gives … Read More

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