Marriage “Rules” You Can Ignore

Most newly weds get a lot of advice from family and friends, and not all of it is good. You can see all seven expert tips at the full article on Huffington Post and my advice on one marriage taboo below.

Fantasizing about your ex.

“According to researchers, 98 percent of us fantasize about someone other than our spouse. That would mean that practically anyone who has ever had a fantasy (or a thought) has imagined being in bed with someone other than the person they are currently committed to in marital bliss. Fantasizing about your ex or someone else doesn’t necessarily mean that your marriage is in trouble. In fact, using fantasy and remembering positive sexual experiences from your past can juice up your own sex life with your partner, and your spouse doesn’t even have to know. There is a private space in your own imagination that you are allowed to use to create excitement when you are in bed with your partner. Using the erotic energy of a fantasy to have better sex can help your marriage, not hurt it.” — Tammy Nelson, certified sex therapist and the author of “The New Monogamy“

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