Are You Ready for Marriage?

Marriage is one of the biggest commitments made in a lifetime. It’s natural to feel nervous — even a bit apprehensive — about spending the rest of your life with one person, but at what point are those feelings indicative of something more? Check out all the signs you’re not quite ready to tie the knot, according to experts at the full article on Huffington Post, and see my advice below:

You’re interested in an open marriage, but haven’t told your partner yet.

“Wait, you haven’t even gotten married yet. If you want a marriage with no rules, then why are you getting married? If you are truly interested in an open marriage, you should have been practicing polyamory or swinging long before you headed up the aisle. Don’t start the open marriage dialogue after the conversation about the seating arrangements for the reception. If you are nervous about monogamy, then maybe you need to slow the whole things down and forego the walk down the aisle until you have visited your monogamy conversation in more detail. Learn to open your communication before you open your marriage and then when you do decide to commit to your partner, your marriage will be better for it.”


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