Individual Writing Consultation


Professional coaching for the writer who wants to be an author. Expert guidance, personalized assignments and a supportive helping hand are just part of the benefit of these one-on-one sessions.


Individual Writing Consultation is intended to provide one-on-one direction and support to professionals and writers working toward success as an author.

Pricing for Consultation:

  • 1st Hour: $325, includes review & critique of first 5 pages of the project
  • 4 Hours: $1200, includes a critique of first 10 pages of the project, or query & proposal
  • 6 Hours: $2000,  includes writing plan & review of the project

Writing and Publishing One on One Coaching – One Year:
$1,500 per month – Monthly Billing/Payment Plan Available*
(Total $18,000)

*Save 15% when paid in full in advance)
(Total $15,300)

To register for 1 year of One-on-One Coaching, please email

Includes two 90 minute meetings per month with Dr. Tammy by Phone/Zoom or in-person
Includes substantive edits and feedback on your book project
Includes developmental, structural, comprehensive edits on your book project
Includes two redline edits of your full book proposal
Includes copyedits of your final book proposal
Includes weekly email check-ins along the way
Includes personalized assignments for your writing needs
Includes resources, readings, and handouts designed for your writing needs
Includes suggestions and connections with publishers, agents, and editors
Includes help to find allies, social media, and volunteers interested in your project
Includes coaching to build your platform
Includes help to finalize a marketing plan
Includes honest, direct feedback and suggestions
Includes support and coaching along the way

*All payments are due by the 5th of the month. Payments are made by MC, Visa, Venmo, Cash or Check.
The program is only available to writers who commit for the full year.
There are no refunds or credits for this program, all work due and assignments are the responsibility of the writer.
Payments may be applied and extended six months out from the date of the end of the year of the contract/agreement. The contract/agreement ends without exception after 18 months from the date of the signed contract/agreement regardless of the writer’s fulfillment of assignments. This agreement is not transferable or assignable to other writers.
This coursed does not, nor does Dr. Tammy Nelson, Editors, therapists, coaches, or publishers, guarantee publication by or at the end of this agreement. Nor are they responsible for publication by or at the end of this agreement.