Monogamy in the Internet Age

In the age of sexting, online sex, pornography, and all of the varieties and types of internet affairs, how do we as therapists help couples understand, define, and negotiate the personal and technological boundaries of fidelity and betrayal?

Join me for an all day training on Monogamy in the Internet Age at the 2014 Psychotherapy Networker Symposium in Washington, DC March 20-23. This workshop will map out the impact of technology on couples’ struggles around what’s acceptable and what’s not, and how therapists can help clients heal from “virtual” betrayals that have real emotional repercussions.

You’ll learn:

  • Your definition of infidelity: does it include any sexual behavior involving a computer or technological device, even without physical contact?
  • Specific interventions for working with pornography addiction, sexting, internet sex, and online infidelity
  • The three phases of recovery from infidelity and how to help each partner take appropriate levels of responsibility for change

Join Dr. Tammy Nelson at the 2014 Psychotherapy Networking Symposium in Washington, DC

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