Male Contraception is Now Possible

Male Contraception is Now Possible, but Drug Companies Don’t Care

Male Contraception is Now Possible

Ever since the birth control pill came out in the 60s, the responsibility for preventing pregnancy has largely fallen on women.

Yes, men often carry condoms, but too many avoid using them, bemoaning the loss of sensation. Now, there is finally a viable option of male birth control.

A biomedical engineer in India has invented a substance that can be injected into the scrotum that interferes with the sperms’ ability to travel through the penis.

It is 98% effective at preventing pregnancy for thirteen plus years until a second substance is injected that dissolves the first. This is not sterilization; it is a reversible procedure.

Condom Companies Don’t Want This Competition

Unfortunately, because major pharmaceutical companies have such a huge stake in the condom industry, they have very little financial incentive to develop this substance and make it available worldwide.

Women, men, and couples around the world could greatly benefit from having this option, especially in areas where buying condoms is difficult, where other forms of birth control are not easily accessible, or where the side effects from birth control pills negatively impact the woman.

Read more about this innovative new product and how you can help support its development and release in the U.S. and elsewhere.

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