Libido-booster or a roofie?

The controversial drug Addyi (flibanserin) hits the market this week, promising to help women boost their libido, especially peri-menopausal and post-menstrual women, or women taking anti-depressants and birth control, which can reduce or totally eliminate desire.
Julie Metz at Dame Magazine interviewed me about the new drug and how many women want to increase their desire, but this medication might not help. And the side effects may not be worth it. Talking to your partner could be a first step to improving your sex life. Female sexuality is complex and a “pink” Viagra won’t cure the problems the pharmaceutical companies are naming as the number one problem in female health.
Is the New “Female Viagra” Really Just a Roofie?

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  1. […] I am very glad to know that huge numbers of women across the nation aren’t being prescribed this dangerous drug. I’m sure the pharmaceutical company that worked so hard to bring their product to market are […]

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