LGBT Kids Need Sex Ed Too

LGBTQI Kids Need Sex Ed, Too

LGBT Kids Need Sex Ed Too
“Youth across the US, and the entire world for that matter, deserve access to relevant, contemporary information about sex,” said Robert Parmer recently in Elite Daily.

Rarely today is there mention of LGBTQI+ issues when sex education is offered in schools. The curriculum is usually heteronormative, gives little in the way of orientation education , and most LGBTQI+ youth are left feeling invisible, unworthy, and sometimes even wrong.

These young people are then more ill-prepared to protect themselves from STDs (which are on the rise in every population thanks to years of inadequate abstinence-only programs). They are also more susceptible to mental illness and suicide, as a result of feeling alone and wrong.

It is crucial that we integrate comprehensive, inclusive sexual education for all of our students. Most young people will eventually have sex, and while we may hope they get the education they need, many won’t. We want all of our children to be safe. And that means all children.

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    This is very important – we should be sharing this with everyone in the community @RuPaul.

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