The happiest couple is…

I wanted to share with you an article from Huffington Post that touches on a lot of what I address in my work as a sex and relationship therapist. This Is The Happiest Relationship Ever, According To Science touches on a wide variety of research that explores which couples are happier, more satisfied in their romantic relationships. Some key points:

the happiest couple is…
Not big on texting. Not into online gaming. without a lot of overlapping Facebook friends. – Couples who engage primarily without the aid of technology and make the time to focus on the romantic relationship.

Very sexually active. – Couples who devote more time (at least once a week) to erotic connection are more happy in their relationship, and in life as a whole.

Not fighting a lot anymore, but definitely were at one point. – Couples who express their emotions and communicate fully and honestly are happier in the long run.

I’m particularly interested in the findings related to technology’s impact on relationships. I’m preparing for a full-day training on Monogamy in the Internet Age at the 2014 Psychotherapy Networker Symposium in Washington, DC March 20-23. This workshop will map out the impact of technology on couples’ struggles around what’s acceptable and what’s not, and how therapists can help clients heal from “virtual” betrayals that have real emotional repercussions.

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