Guest Blog: Bucket List Revamped

Diane Merpaw is a student in my Writing and Publishing Class this semester. Her writing is focused on increasing sexual connection.

Bucket List Revamped
By Diane Merpaw, Professional Sex Coach and Canada’s Goddess Coach

I am excited to share with you this week another delicious secret for living a turned on life.

In 2007, the movie ‘The Bucket List’ created a phenomena when it inspired thousands of people worldwide to create their own bucket list. A bucket list is a wish list of the things or experiences you would like to indulge in during your lifetime.

The bucket list inspires us all to live for today and to find pleasure in doing so. Why wait until you have been diagnosed with a serious illness? Live your best life now.

Today, I am sharing with you a twist on this amazing phenomena. I am inviting you to give some thought to creating a Sexual Bucket List. For some of you this may be a stretch or it could make you feel uncomfortable. My intent is to share a beautiful and amazing tool that can transform your relationship. Most people I have met and spoken with are yearning in their own unique way for deeper connections, deeper intimacy and love.

Here is what I do know, each of you are worthy and deserving of living a delicious life filled with juicy pleasure. How do you start? First, set your intention to invite more pleasure into your life.

Starting with today’s decadent secret, I invite you to schedule some much needed alone time where you can indulge in a cup or glass of your favorite beverage. Have a paper and a pen nearby. Perhaps, have your favorite love songs playing in the background. (Did anyone say, Barry White?) Then, Light a candle, and begin to think about some of the things that turn you on and that you would like to experience more of in your relationship with your partner. Unleash your creative sexual genius and see what it has to reveal to you.

For example, maybe you have longed to be blindfolded and tied up and be ravished by your lover or maybe you would like to have your lover paint you with chocolate. The possibilities are truly endless and can be so much fun. Please know there is no right or wrong here. Everyone has their own authentic sexual expression.

Write down three things that might bring you pleasure.

Invite your lover to do the same. Sharing our sexual desires can truly be hard for some of us as we choose to open ourselves up in a whole new way. Vulnerability and deep intimacy can be scary for many people. Go forward at your own pace. Take your time. If you truly desire to rediscover and reignite passion within your relationship, this is one delicious way to fire up the erotic energy.

Once you both have your list, set up a date night where you can explore your Sex bucket list.

Remember, just because it’s on the list does not mean you have to do so it Listen well to each other. Appreciate that it takes great courage to share these most intimate desires with another.

This exercise can provide you with a great opportunity to connect with your lover in a whole new way. The erotic energy can be stirring and this may be enough for some of you to get the fire started.

Once shared, I recommend you set time aside each week for a sensual date night where you can begin to explore each other’s sex bucket list. Have fun. Enjoy the scrumptiousness of each moment.

This week bask in the glow your erotic energy!

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