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Do You Have Female Orgasmic Disorder?

Have you ever heard of Female Orgasmic Disorder? This term describes a condition in which a woman is significantly distressed about her difficulty achieving orgasm (and may not get there at all), even though she is sexually aroused.

Women experience many different types of orgasm, though most women orgasm more easily through clitoral stimulation than through vaginal penetration. But if you have never had an orgasm or you have a lot of difficulty getting there, you might have Female Orgasmic Disorder. At the very least, it’s worth it to talk to your doctor or a sex therapist about your struggle.

What Could Be Causing Your Orgasm Difficulty?

Of course, a medical diagnosis, such as FOD, should come after a thorough examination of the other factors that may be at fault. For instance, how do you feel about sex, orgasm, your body, your noises? Shame and inhibition can greatly impact your ability to relax into sexual climax. Or maybe you are afraid to let go of control?

Are you able to orgasm through masturbation? Perhaps your partner simply doesn’t understand how to help you orgasm, maybe they need some lessons in female anatomy and some time spent exploring YOUR particular body with you.

If this hasn’t always been a problem for you, then look at environmental and relationship factors first. Have you started a new medication recently? Have you been diagnosed with another medical condition, like diabetes, which can affect blood flow to your genitals? Are you involved with someone who is abusive toward you? Have you been suffering with unusual amounts of stress in some other area of your life recently?

Should You See a Sex Therapist or a Doctor?

Seeing a sex therapist is preferable to seeing a doctor because they will help walk you through this thorough examination of all the possible causes of your orgasm difficulties. They will coach you through trying different things until you’ve pinpointed the issue, and they will help you learn to resolve it.

Sometimes that will mean eventually seeing a medical doctor who is experienced in this field. A good sex therapist will be able to recommend a reputable doctor and will also be willing to work cooperatively with that doctor.

A sex therapist who is also trained in couples counseling will be able to help you work through any relationship difficulties that may be contributing or causing your orgasm disorder.

If You’re a Therapist, Earning Your CSCT Could Help

If you are a sex therapist or a couples counselor who would like to be able to give your clients a well-rounded, integrative treatment plan, consider getting your CSCT credential. As a Certified Sex and Couples Therapist (CSCT), you will gain cutting-edge expertise that empowers you to give your clients the best service.

You can get your CSCT through the Integrative Sex Therapy Institute (ISTI). Orgasm and ejaculation disorders will be a featured topic at the upcoming May session of ISTI of Washington, DC. Click here for more info and to register.

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