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changingfaceofmarriageI recently sat down with Rich Simon, Editor of the Psychotherapy Networker, to talk about how to help couples understand, define, and negotiate the personal boundaries of fidelity and betrayal. The interview is part of their new Webcast series: The Changing Face of Marriage.

It’s a remarkable series: covering the changing definitions of intimacy, sexuality, divorce, personal freedom, relational boundaries, and the very purpose of marriage—and in addition to my own cutting edge talk about relationships and a great interview with Rich, it includes interviews with my friends and colleagues Esther Perel, William Doherty, Pat Love, Terry Real, and Joe Kort.

To learn more, the Networker is extending the Early Bird discount to all of my readers. It’s a “thank you” for my participation, and an exclusive benefit for any of you who want to be part of this event.

If you are interested, use this code—NELSON30—when you sign up, and you’ll receive the extended Early Bird Discount.

There’s no better way to catch up on the very latest in couples therapy. The series teaches the most up to date techniques and concepts in the field:

  • How to develop a clear, nonjudgmental understanding of contemporary approaches to relationships and sexual behavior that may challenge your own values and beliefs
  • The different patterns found among Boomer, Gen X, and Millennial couples, including how traditional gender roles and conceptions of masculinity and femininity are being redefined
  • How to help couples balance their need for commitment and safety with their desire for more spontaneity, playfulness, and eroticism
  • The wide range of meanings that emotional intimacy and sexual compatibility have in gay, lesbian, and straight relationships

To find out more about how this series can put you on the cutting edge of couples therapy, click here.

You can see a quick clip of my video conversation here.

The exclusive savings code is NELSON30. If you want to lock in the savings, remember to sign up before Midnight Tuesday, November 11th.

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