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Need help from an expert? No time for weekly therapy? Marriage in a crisis? Explore an intensive...


Resolve conflict, work through affairs, increase sexual intimacy, improve communication in your relationship.

Similar to a couples' workshop, Intensives are private sessions for just the two of you. Come for one day, two days, or for a weekend and experience an in-depth intervention that can last a lifetime.

Working privately with a PhD Board Certified, Master level, Expert therapist, you will experience the same benefits of a weekend couples' workshop, with the direct focus on your personal issues. An Intensive can create dramatic and long lasting shifts in your relationship.

We can focus on special issues and conflicts in an Intensive such as:

  • Communication and Conflict Repair
  • Intimacy and Connection
  • Emotional Closeness and Passion
  • Affair Recovery
  • Infidelity Disclosure
  • Sexual Desire Issues
  • ReSexualizing Relationships
  • Pornography and Internet Abuse
  • Sexual Addiction or Compulsion
  • Open Marriage or Polyamory Issues
  • Trauma and PTSD Recovery
  • Addiction and Eating disorder issues
  • Separation and Divorce coaching
  • New Monogamy Visions
  • Create your Own Intensive - Set your own Intentions and let's create it together!

To learn more and for rates, contact Dr. Tammy Nelson directly.

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Couples Intensives
Couples Intensives

Intensives are private psychotherapy sessions for couples who are traveling from out of town and cannot make it to weekly sessions, or want a more in-depth experience. Like a couples workshop, we explore intensive ways to increase the connection and … Read More

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