The essence of therapy with Dr. Tammy Nelson is authentic communication. Relationship issues are many times about communication problems. Learning to communicate in new and intimate ways immediately creates connection. Once you can talk openly with your partner, relationship issues and defenses decrease. New trust can form in the relationship. Loving feelings then naturally increase.

Tammy’s marriage counseling or individual therapy can help you and your partner to increase the passion in your relationship and maintain the erotic connection you truly deserve and desire. By learning to communicate with your partner you become motivated to stay connected. A vital and healthy interest in sex and a passionate curiosity in life is the way to keep a relationship alive for a long, long time.

Whether you are looking for marriage counseling, want to work on relationship issues, or want an intensive to resolve conflict or improve your sex life, Tammy Nelson has a solution for you.

Email tammy@drtammynelson.com or call 203-438-3007 to set up a time to talk.