Writing and Publishing for Professionals starts tomorrow!

Do you question whether you’ve got what it takes to write that book, that article, that blog? Do you have the wherewithal to even consider yourself a writer? Can you summon the courage to explore that? Tammy’s advanced writing and publishing group is the perfect place get your brave on and see for yourself! The group and Tammy’s leadership is such a supportive and enlightening experience to be a part of. It’s paramount to having your hand and your vulnerabilities about writing gently held and expertly guided. Let Tammy and the group process walk right beside you as you learn the most essential aspects about writing and getting published! You’ll be inspired, you’ll gain confidence. Beware though…..there is a great chance you’ll truly see yourself as a writer!

-This message is approved by Kelly Patton~a writer!

Another wonderful testimonial from a student of Writing and Publishing, and Advanced Writing and Publishing:

Tammy Nelson’s Writing and Publishing Group was a big first step toward my personal goal of writing about something I valued highly and did not have a single clue how to do it. Tammy offered concrete step by step suggestions how to enter the world of writing and then added the extra bonus of being a caring and supportive person who encouraged me to persevere, take risks, forgive myself, and do it again. It was invaluable to share this process with other group participants and witness each other’s growth. This group is a wonderful opportunity to enter the world of writing and publishing in a safe and supported way.

—Katherine Calvert

The first session is tomorrow (9/18) at 12:00 noon Eastern. Join us for just one session, or all eight.

Pay per session: $69/session; $59/session for Imago Therapists OR pay for the full session: $550 for all 8 sessions; $470 for all 8 sessions for Imago Therapists.

Prices include all handouts, critiques, and proposals and membership in an online writing group.

Overview: An ongoing group phone meeting for psychotherapists and professionals who want to write. Do you have a writing project; a blog, an article, a book, a screenplay, that you want to start, complete or publish? This course will give you the information to create, continue and give birth to your dreams.

Register for Writing and Publishing for Professionals today and listen live or download the classes to listen at your convenience!

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