Online coaching is available for individuals and couples of any orientation, gender, or commitment level and can be 45 or 60 minutes long. For more intense work, 120 min appointments are available particularly for those couples who need an intervention for their relationship or who are in a crisis.

In Individual Coaching sessions, we will discuss some of your emotional and psychosexual history. We will focus, however, on your current issues. Using my many years of expertise and counseling experience, we will work together to heal your relationship problems and move forward to create the life you desire. I may recommend adjunctive treatment, including couple’s therapy, or recommend an assessment with a medical provider if necessary.

Individual and Couples coaching sessions can cover:

  • Infidelity and Affairs
  • Conflict and Arguing
  • Relationship Issues
  • LGBTQ Issues
  • Open Marriage Negotiation
  • Communication Patterns
  • Behavior Change Requests
  • Parenting and Second Marriage
  • Desire Discrepancy and Sexual Dysfunction
What People Don’t Share About the First Year of Marriage - Dr. Tammy Nelson

If you desire to increase your connection and improve communication, Couples Coaching can help. Most couples come to their sessions in order to focus on specific conflicts or stressors or want more depth and passion in their relationship – or both!

Using Imago Relationship Theory and sexuality counseling, the sessions can focus on many things. How we create your unique session will be based on what you need in order to develop new ways to resolve your conflict, increase connection, and achieve true intimacy.

Sex counseling can help with desire discrepancies, erectile issues, affairs, sex addiction, and orgasmic dysfunction and pain. Pleasurable sex is important for all couples as well as creating emotional intimacy in a sexual and erotic relationship. Learn to share your fantasies, increase sexual empathy and work on a new monogamy agreement that works for you.

Create a new monogamy agreement or renew one that needs updating. Your monogamy agreement should not be a one-time contract that you make when you say “I do,” it needs updating as you grow and change. You can create a new vision for your monogamy and begin a new relationship going forward. Start over anytime, and begin the relationship of your dreams.

These approaches can help your relationship in all aspects of your life, if you have questions about couples therapy, or need more information, contact Dr. Tammy Nelson.

Couples Coaching Session by Phone/Zoom
Couples Coaching Session by Phone/Zoom

All relationships face challenges, but you can have an expert help you and your partner face hard issues. Dr. Nelson will use Imago Relationship Therapy and other techniques to help you work on relationship issues, affairs, conflict, communication, or the topic that has you in crisis.

$375.00$675.00 Select options
Individual Coaching Session by Phone/Zoom
Individual Coaching Session by Phone/Zoom

Coaching with Dr. Nelson can bring about the real change you’ve wanted in your relationships.

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