Women are not slaves, property

Until we can change the way we think about women and girls in the world, we will never be free. There can be no peace, no negotiation, no equality. The horror of war and slavery and the terror that rules a good portion of the earth will continue. How do we sit back and let men, sons of women and the children of their mothers, treat women like property?

This recent propaganda from third world terrorists justifying the enslavement and beating and raping of women and young girls is a testament to the ignorance and hatred of a misogynistic culture that cannot be tolerated if we are to perpetuate an intelligent humankind, one in which all people; girls, boys, men and women, are free to live in a world that is safe…and free.

In this New Year, send prayers of Peace and Freedom to all women, girls, daughters and mothers around the world for safety and protection, and to their sons and brothers and fathers, for love and understanding and compassion.

ISIS tries to justify slavery, sex with girls


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