Why Adults Need Sex Education

Why Adults Need Sex Education

Using Sexual Anatomy Knowledge to Improve Your Sex Life

Why do we, as adults, need sex education? Shouldn’t sex come naturally, and shouldn’t we just KNOW what to do?

Most of us as youngsters had some type of “sex ed” in school, although most of the handouts in grade school health classes were of internal reproductive organs. No one talked about what to do with the budding adolescent yearnings for erotic connection. There was little if any education about desire. And there were no handouts about how to turn on your partner, or give them a really pleasurable sexual experience.

As adults, many of us fumbled around until we got it “right” and we still may find ourselves less than adequately informed about our partner’s bodies and what they desire. We might also have difficulty expressing our needs and fantasies, and may not know what we need to make sex better and more satisfying.

Knowing about your sexual anatomy and how your body works can help you discover the endless wonders of your own sexuality. Learning about your partner’s sexual anatomy and how his or her body works can help you have the sex you have always wanted.

Each person will have their own wealth of knowledge regarding their body and what they need to find pleasure and to orgasm. Each of us is our own orgasm expert, the one who knows best what kind of stimulation and situations lead us to climax. Yet there are similarities and differences among all of us, as well as among men and women.

The more informed we are the better connected we will be to our erotic selves, and the more satisfying sex will be with our partner.

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