When Do Cheaters Talk To Their Lovers? - Dr. Tammy Nelson blog

When Do Cheaters Talk to Their Lovers?

When Do Cheaters Talk To Their Lovers? - Dr. Tammy Nelson blog

Twenty five to sixty five percent of people cheat at some point in their marriage. The results of infidelity research are non-conclusive: we aren’t really sure exactly how many people cheat. Cheating is based on dishonesty, and those polled lie even to the researchers.

When Do They Communicate?

We do know that between 8 and 9 am on Monday mornings is apparently the most likely time that cheaters will communicate with their lovers.

The site, Illicit Encounters, designed to facilitate connections between affair-seekers, recently reported that the amount of messages sent between forbidden lovers triples during that hour.

The thought is that after a long weekend of radio silence, during which the cheater is focused on family time, the lovers look forward to reconnecting during the affair partners’ Monday morning commute to work.

If You Worry About Infidelity, Talk About It

While I don’t doubt this report, I also the impact of the research. It may help to know if you are the partner of a cheater, but if you want to know if your partner is having an affair, try asking them.

Yes, it may be harder to talk with your partner directly, but if they are cheating, it is best to confront them about your worries.

Either way, it is more important to talk than it is to catch your partner on the phone.

On the other hand, if you are the partner of a cheating spouse, Sundays can be the hardest day of the week. Know know, and be comforted, that they will get to you on Monday morning.

Is it worth the wait?

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