What Women In Sexless Marriages Need To Know

Are you in a sexless marriage? The first thing you need to know is you’re not alone. The marriage complaint most often searched on Google is sexless marriage. HuffingtonPost reached out to marriage therapists and sex experts seeking advice for women stuck in sexually unsatisfying marriages. My advice: “it may not be you, so stop beating yourself up… Many times men stop initiating sex because they are stressed or they’re experiencing some kind of erectile dysfunction and they’re too afraid to tell you. Men define their sexuality by their ability to perform and if they cannot achieve an erection upon demand they may withdraw. Keep being affectionate and let him know there is no pressure to get to the ‘finish line.’… Don’t wait for him to take charge. It is OK as the woman to be the driving force of your own sex life.”
Additionally it may be time to get your husband in to see the doctor. If he has erectile dysfunction, he may have prostate issues and it’s important to get that checked out right away. When you have ruled out cancer, checked his testosterone, and reduced his stress levels, then you can look deeper into your relationship.

Check out HuffingtonPost’s article for the full list of Six Things Experts Tell Women In Sexless Marriages.

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