What are the stages of a sexual relationship?

  The first stages of all relationships are Longing and Attraction.  We all feel attraction in the space of longing – we long for what we do not have.  This phase includes romantic love, desire, obsessive thinking, sexual fantasies, sneaking around, sex in unusual places or ways, and an intense erotic need for the other.

 The next phase, the Conquering  phase, is when we are excited to “get” our object of desire.  We are in bliss, we are delighted, we are adoring and we cherish the object of our desire, delighting in our senses, and theirs.

The next phase is the ‘Heat’ phase – where the sex is still hot, hot, hot….

Stay tuned till next time for the next stages of a sexual relationship:

 ¢Romantic Stage ¢Connection/attachment ¢Commit to forever ¢Relax ¢regress immediately ¢, Maintenance, ¢Parentify ¢Conflict ¢Fall Asleep ¢Erotic Curiosity ¢Sexual Empathy ¢Communication ¢Passion



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