Thinking Off: The Pleasure of Controlling Your Thoughts

Want to know the anti-dote for overdosing on television politics? How about internet-infused-with-bad-news depression?  Orgasm.

Want to know what heals you from mid-summer, August induced humidity doldrums?  Orgasm.

The best cure for a migraine?  Orgasmic bliss.  And what should you do to heal a rift between you and your partner?  You guessed it…sexual release through a good, old fashioned Big-O.

The hormones and chemicals released in your brain when you orgasm change your mood; they actually change your mind.  Chemicals like dopamine and oxytocin, the feel good hormones, will greatly affect your state of consciousness.  When you change your mind through orgasming, you also relieve symptoms of pain, depression, anxiety and fear.  Chemicals like oxytocin and dopamine make you want to turn off the news and cuddle with your partner.  They decrease aggression and increase feelings of attachment. Plus, you just feel good after an orgasm.  But you don’t need me to tell you that. You have probably noticed this yourself.  An orgasm is the most pleasurable experience that the human body can experience.

Because of this positive pleasure response, anything that we do to reach an orgasm we usually want to do again.  Orgasm creates a neural pathway in our brain, like a deer path in the woods.  We want to repeat the behaviors that led to that pleasure explosion, over and over, as often as we can, following that path to what feels good.

This can explain why, for some of us, we can get hung up on behaviors, actions, or even people we may not consciously choose to interact with anywhere but in bed. If they lead to a pleasure reward, we may go down that path repeatedly looking for the big O.   However, we shouldn’t use this as an excuse to repeat self-destructive behaviors, after all, we are adults, and we can be discerning about what we do to reach our orgasmic highs.

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