The #1 Way To Affair­Proof Your Relationship

Don’t Be A Zombie.

As a relationship therapist, I see cheating couples every day sitting in my office looking dazed and confused, like they have no idea what just happened to them. They move unconsciously, sluggishly, like Zombies waking up from a bad dream.

Most of them don’t regret the affair. In fact, no one comes back from an affair and says “that sucked for me.” They usually liked the excitement; the forbidden and illicit passion of an affair. That is until they wake up or get caught or until the guilt takes over. Then their Zombie selves are suddenly pushed aside and they look down and think, “How did I get here?”

Monogamy is hard. We know that. It’s something you have to practice. It doesn’t come naturally. It isn’t always fun. But there are ways to avoid becoming drooling Zombies blindly following the next sexual encounter and ignoring the consequences.

Here are some ways to affair-­proof your relationships in my article on YourTango.

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