Is Your Relationship Dead or In a Slump

How to Tell if Your Relationship is Dead or Just in a Slump

Is Your Relationship Dead or In a SlumpSometimes it’s hard to know if it’s time to go.

We’re told all relationships go through natural cycles of ups and downs. But sometimes relationships do fail. How do you know if you should end yours and when do you get out?

There are signs and symptoms that things are coming to an end. It is important to recognize those signs so that you can find the energy to get out or ask for help if you need it.

My recent expert advice in SheKnows warns you – are you in a dysfunctional or even an abusive relationship? This is what it looks like. Are you in a relationship that’s falling apart?

If you are worried about your relationship, read on and check out the symptoms that are present if a partnership on its way out.

Then reach out for help – either to repair your relationship before it’s too late, or to help you transition out, to build your self-esteem and get you back on the road to happiness…with yourself.

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  1. Belle B.
    | Reply

    It’s really up to you to decide whether to leave or stay in the relationship. Just make sure that you won’t regret that in the future.

  2. How To Reset My Wife
    | Reply

    Very helpful and Great information,
    we appreciate advise especially coming from a professional.
    Thanks again and keep up the great work!

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