What is a “teleclass” anyway?

Teleclasses, also sometimes called teleseminars, are courses you attend on the telephone LIVE, or download to your computer to listen at a time that’s convenient for you. Earn CEUs or attend for your own professional or personal development. Hear the newest in research and clinical experience, learn skills to apply to your practice, and listen at your leisure at a price that works in your budget, without leaving home. All sessions meet by telephone. Call-in numbers are provided upon receipt of online registration. You can call in via telephone or Zoom from anywhere in the world. All registrants immediately (within 48 hours) receive downloads of sessions, so you can participate even if you cannot attend in person. You will also receive downloadable handouts with every class after each session, as an added bonus to supplement your educational experience.

How can I register for a teleclass?

Registration is easy. You can register anytime from anywhere online. Go to www.drtammynelson.com/live_teleclasses/ for classes that are running currently and have recently been released. Choose which course you would like to attend. Many teleclasses are offered as a series and you must register for the entire series. Click on the button as indicated and you will be taken directly to a link to pay with a MC or Visa. If you prefer to pay by check, you can contact tammy@drtammynelson.com for that address. When your registration is received, you will receive an email with information on how to attend the teleclass.  If you do not receive the email within 24 to 48 hours, please contact tammynelsonasst@gmail.com for information. And please check your spam folder. To register for single session one hour classes or past teleclasses, go to https://drtammynelson.com/products-page/training-for-therapists/ and find a class you would like to listen to. Note that some classes offer NASW or AASECT or IMAGO CEs.  You can order the series or one hour at a time. Click on the button as indicated. When your registration is received you will receive an email with the downloadable recording. If you do not receive the email within 24 to 48 hours please contact  tammynelsonasst@gmail.com for information. And please check your spam folder.

Do you offer student discounts? Yes.  Some teleclasses are available at a student rate. Please email  tammynelsonasst@gmail.com for rate information and more info about how to register for the student discount. BEFORE THE CALL Is there anything I can or should do to prepare for the calls in advance? It is recommended that you read the books written by Tammy Nelson and her presenters in advance of the call, as they often reference this material. Also, please send via email any case studies relating to the topic of the teleclass that you would like some help or guidance on. By using YOUR actual cases, Tammy and the other presenters can make the course material much more dynamic and interesting for all attendees. How can I join the call? After you register, you will receive an email invitation via Calliflower.com or other conference call provider from our assistant, Scarlett Ross, which will contain the call-in instructions. Please be sure to save her email address to your address book to ensure that you receive all her emails:  tammynelsonasst@gmail.com. In that email you will find the call-in number and PIN to join each class. Please note that every week there will be a new email and a new pin # for you to call into the teleclass if you are joining LIVE. If the number provided to you is not local to you, then go to the Calliflower site (link provided in the invite email) and click on the link near the top of the page “Call-in numbers.” Scroll down to find the nearest city to your location for a more local number. To avoid the need for a PIN number every week, click on the link in the email to go to the Call Dashboard on the Calliflower website and register your email address, username, and preferred phone number. Once you register and continue to call from the registered phone number you will no longer need to enter your PIN to join the call. ALSO, if you log into the Call Dashboard on Calliflower during the call, you can participate in the live Chatroom that occurs simultaneously during the session. Here you can pose questions, make comments, and share your experience, all while you are on Mute. You can even upload a picture of yourself!

Do I need to have a computer to participate? You DO need to have an email address, in order to be sent an invitation to join the call. But you do NOT need to be in front of a computer to participate on the call itself. Just be sure to copy the phone number and PIN from the email invitation, then you can call in from any regular telephone.

What do I do if I haven’t received the invitation with the call-in instructions? FIRST, check your Spam filter. Sometimes the emails from Zoom get caught there. SECOND, check the email account linked to the email address you used when you registered. This is what we will use to communicate with you about the teleclass, unless you instruct us differently. THEN, if you have not received the invitation to join the call by 10 am on the day the call is scheduled, please email Tammy’s Assistant with “Urgent” in the subject line and let her know. She can send the call-in info to you directly.

What if I can’t join the live calls, due to scheduling or time zone issues? Every registered participant will receive a recording of the class after each call. You needn’t be able to attend live to benefit from this training or to earn CE credit. How will I get CE credit for this class? At the end of the series of calls, you will receive a Feedback Form. Please complete that and return it to our assistant, Scarlett, by the deadline. Once that Feedback Form has been received, we will send the AASECT, NASW, or Imago CE certificate. The deadline to return the Feedback Form is two weeks after the last call. How do I return the Feedback Form in order to get my CEs? You can return your Feedback form via email to  tammynelsonasst@gmail.com

Which accrediting body has approved the CE credit for this class? Tammy Nelson is a pre-approved CE provider for AASECT, so all of her classes qualify for AASECT CE credit.

Sometimes, she also offers CE credit through Imago or NASW – please see the specific teleclass you’re interested in to see if that one has been approved for Imago or NASW CEs: https://drtammynelson.com/live_teleclasses/ Unfortunately, we cannot offer CEs through any other accrediting body at this time. Can I still receive CE credit if I can’t join live? YES! All you have to do is listen to the MP3 recording of each session, then fill out and return the Feedback Form that is sent at the end of the series. Once that Feedback Form has been received, we will send the CE Certificate. Remember, the deadline to return that form is two weeks after the last call. Can I have others listen in on the call? Can I share the recordings with others? We ask that you do not share this material with a group unless you have our written permission. We can only give continuing education credit to registered participants. What do I do if I’m having trouble getting on the call? If you experience any difficulty dialing in to the call, please contact Calliflower Tech Support at 613-482-9099 for assistance. DURING THE CALL How will the call work? The call will be recorded and that recording will begin at the start time noted in your invitation email. At this time, the participants will be put on mute, so that the recording of the call is as clear as possible. Once the recording has started, Tammy will introduce the call and the presenters. Then Tammy and the other presenters will present their material, lecture-style, for 40-50 minutes. Then the participants will be taken off mute, so that they can ask questions or make comments. How do I mute myself if I have background noise in my location? If you have dogs barking, children playing, phones ringing, or you’re eating lunch, or sorting paperwork, or you’re driving, or have ANY other noise in the background, we ask that you put yourself on mute, even during the Q&A portion of the call (except when you have something to contribute). You can do this on the keypad of your phone by hitting *6. You can take yourself off mute by also hitting *6. NOTE – We may selectively mute participants if there is ongoing noise on the line. ALSO – if you listen to the call via speakerphone, PLEASE pick up the handset while you are unmuted. Having the call on speaker creates feedback and echoing on the call that everyone can hear and is picked up on the recording. We appreciate your attention to this and your cooperation with the limitations of our technology. How can I participate during the call – How can I ask questions or make comments? You can either log into the Call Dashboard on the Calliflower website and post questions or comments in the Chat window, OR you can wait until the last 10-20 minutes of the call, when Tammy and her presenters will take the participants off mute and invite questions and comments. What should I do if I have questions that didn’t/couldn’t get addressed during the call? If there wasn’t time to get to your question during the call, Tammy and her presenters welcome emails from participants, in which you can describe the case in detail and pose your question. You will either receive a response directly via email or your case/question will be explored during the following call. AFTER THE CALL When will I receive the recordings and handouts? After every session in the series, you will receive an email from our assistant, Scarlett, containing a link to download the recording of the call and any handouts Tammy and the other presenters referenced during the call. We endeavor to get this email out within 48 hours of the call. If you haven’t received that follow-up email before the next call, please email us. How do I download the recordings? The follow up email you receive after the live call will contain a link to download the recording of the call. Click on that link and you will be taken to another webpage that displays a “Download” button. After clicking that button, select the option to “Save as” and find a folder on your computer to save it and choose a filename that you will remember. Once the file has finished downloading (which may take several minutes), you can listen to the MP3 recording through almost any media player. You can also save this file to your iPod and listen to it through that device. Will the links to download the recordings expire? No, the links to download the recordings will not expire. You can download them anytime. How do I access the handouts? The handouts will be attached to the follow-up email that you receive after each call. These documents will be either Microsoft Word documents (.doc) or PDF files (.pdf). If you ever have any problems opening a handout document, please email us. What if I can’t submit my Feedback Form by the deadline – will I forfeit the CE credit? In general, you can email us to request an extension on the deadline to return the Feedback Form in order to still receive the CE credit. Can I continue to receive support on these topics after the course is over? YES! Tammy and her presenters continue to be available to you for questions or case studies on the topic of the class. You can email them anytime. They also often are available for formal supervision. How can I receive supervision from Tammy Nelson or one of her co-presenters? Supervision by phone, Skype and in person is available as a way to continue your education with Dr. Tammy Nelson and many of her colleagues. Please ask if you have questions about one time supervision to continue one on one time on particular issues that you want more help with or ongoing support. Thank You Thank you for your continued interest and support in our teleclass education. We have been offering teleclasses for over three years and have taught hundreds of hours of quality relationship and sexuality education with the most advanced and cutting edge providers in the field of human advancement. If you have ideas of what you would like to hear more of or if you would like to offer a teleclass, please email us today at tammy@drtammynelson.com Thank you, Dr. Tammy Nelson