Taking Back Your Headspace is Possible

How to Clear Your Mind-Field:

We are at war. Do not kid yourself. Hate is everywhere. Open your social media, turn on the news. Hate is the Third World War.

Hate is insidious. It is hard to fight hate. Because hate does not have a face, or a religion or an ethnicity. Hate is not a country.

But hate does have a state. It is a State-of-Mind. If you live in a state of hate, you probably have some deep hate-bombs exploding in your mind.

Hate has power. When you cannot feel empathy, only hate, you might feel strong for a moment, like nothing can stop you. Hate gives you a temporary sense of control. But hate will only make you feel bad about yourself and the world.

Control your State of Mind. It is easy to get caught up in those hate-bomb detonations. There are a lot of things and even people to hate out there. But hatred will make you sick, it will deplete your energy and drain you of your life force.

Hate turns people against one another. It divides families. And it weakens us a country. It makes us forget who we are and it makes us doubt our Super Power –LOVE. Love is the one thing that trumps hate. This is not just a slogan shouted at marches. Love is a powerful force that is at the root of all religious, cultural, and intellectual beliefs. Love is fierce. It can create life, and it can destroy it. (Think Kali.)

Love is a force to be reckoned with.

But how do we ‘love’ when even the word feels weak and hippy-dippy? How do we change our mind-field to ‘love’ fiercely when we are inundated with bad news; when it shouts to be noticed?

Check out the full article for more advice on taking back your head space.

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