The surprising thing that could be killing your sex life

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New research from Charles University in Prague suggests that a large number of men with erectile dysfunction had a strained relationship with their mothers as children. Additionally, men who said the three magic words, “I love you” later in life were more likely to experience physical symptoms of sexual difficulty.

The researchers’ theory is that these men carry an internal conflict regarding intimacy that manifests as physical illness. My question is… was Freud right? Is the relationship between mother and son so important that it can effect his sex life 20, 30, 40 years later? As a mother, that’s a lot of pressure!

As a therapist it makes sense that there is always a connection between our bodies and our internal experience, particularly the story we tell ourselves about sex, our love relationships and what we learn about men and women and how they connect. Being vulnerable, creating a true adult relationship and revealing your inner desires takes real nerve, and naked honesty is hard. If you are experiencing physical, sexual or emotional difficulties, it may be easier than you think to get over the problems. A sex therapist is trained to help you work through issues from your childhood and define the parameters of your recovery. A sex therapist can talk to you about what ius working and what might help. And we almost never get embarrassed, so you can tell us anything. And for therapists like myself, who have been extensively trained and in private practice for many years, working with your past is natural and a part of the individual or the couples sessions.

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A Man’s Relationship With His Mother Could Cause Erectile Dysfunction, Research Suggests


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