Slipping into a sexual slump?

Are you finding yourself feigning a headache to get out of having sex with your lover? Has the honeymoon phase disappeared long ago? I have good news for you: you aren’t doomed to be stuck a sexless marriage.

I love this article from RedBook Magazine: Bounce Back From a Sex Slump – it has lots of great advice for turning the tides on a slipping sex life.

If you’re ready to discover ways to add more desire into your life, create arousal and heal sexual dysfunction, join me. During a special new tele seminar series, I will explore the role of fantasy and how to tell what your partner likes. We will examine your erotic template as a means for bringing light S&M techniques into your sex life. We will discuss what to do after an affair to bring your relationship back to life.

Sign up for Sexual Repair: Three Ways to Heal and Grow Your Erotic Self to find out three ways to bring more excitement into your sex life and repair sexual dysfunctional patterns that lead to boredom, shutdown and even dysfunction like premature ejaculation, orgasmic delay and lack of orgasm in women.

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