sexual dependency syndrome

Sexual dependency is a dysfunctional form of sexual acting out, we sometimes call it sexual addiction. 

Sexual dependency doesnt mean you are depending on your partner for sex, or that you really like sex.  Sex addiction is, in fact, not about sex at all. 

Sex addiction or sexual dependency means you use sexual behaviors to express, hide or cover other things.  If you deal with your problems by acting out sexually, its not necessarily a problem but can be if it it interferes with your relationship, your job or your health. 

Similar to an eating disorder, sexual disorder means that we turn something natural and pleasurable into something that hurts us or someone else.

If you think you have a problem, get help.  Addictions are problematic if left untreated because they will get worse over time, not better.

Find a licensed professional in your area or email me for suggestions.

 If you are a professional therapist and you want more info on how to treat this, go to to find out about our teleclass SEX ON THE DOWNLOAD. You can still register – you will receive all recordings of the classes to listen to at your leisure.



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