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Sex Toys: Not Just For Women Anymore

Sex Toys for Men - Tammy Nelson blog

Sex Toys Aren’t Just Vibrators…or Just For Women

Most people think of sex toys and think vibrators. And when we think of vibrators, we think of their many benefits for women.

Now there are a number of devices on the market designed exclusively for men. These toys can be used alone or with a partner. Some of them are so future sex-tech that they connect to an app, and your partner can control their use.

What Could a Sex Toy Do For You?

There are still many stigmas for men to get over when it comes to the use of sex toys, but if they can open their minds to the possibilities, these innovative devices can definitely increase a man’s pleasure.

There’s a reason sex toys are called “toys.” They are the grown-up version of pleasure enhancement. There is nothing wrong with experimenting to see what gives you pleasure. It doesn’t have to threaten your relationship and most are easy to use.

Sex toys can make a desirable man even more confident. When you are able to explore new options for sexual pleasure (yours and your partner’s), there is no end to the possibilities.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out my tips in Men’s Fitness for some toys you might want to try.

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