Sex in Denmark

I am in Odense this week teaching an amazing group of therapists about sex and intimacy in relationships.  Of course this brilliant group of men and women dont really need to learn about sex – we all know about sex, right?  But we all also have a deeper desire to learn how to connect to a partner on a level that brings us more passion, connection and depth. 

It doesnt matter what language we speak or what our culture teaches us about sex.  No matter where we come from, we talk the least about sex to the person we are actually having sex with.

Learning to talk about sex with a partner to increase desire or change the way we have sex, or even work through erotic conflicts or recovery means learning a whole new language – both emotionally and physically.

Denmark is open, friendly and easy to visit.  These are brilliant students with a passion for life.  I am honored to be here. 

I am blessed to learn from them as well, about what it means to share this passion.

Thank you, my new friends and colleagues.


Dr Tammy Nelson


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